Calédonien and Tahitien

Calédonien - L'Encyclopedie des Messageries Maritimes
Calédonien - 1957 - A page dedicated to Calédonien by passenger Lawrence Miller
Tahitien - L'Encyclopedie des Messageries Maritimes
M/V Atalante Facebook Page - A page dedicated to passengers and crew of Atalante.

Other websites dedicated to specific ships

America/Australis - United States Lines/Chandris by Darren Byrne
America/Australis - United States Lines/Chandris by Ken Ironside
Aranui III - Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime. Polynesian working freighter cruises
Asturias - Royal Mail
Canberra - P & O
Caronia - Cunard-White Star
Europa/Liberté - Norddeutsche Lloyd/Compagnie Générale Transatlantique
Lusitania - Cunard
Lusitania - Cunard
Mauretania - Cunard
Olympic - White Star
Queen Elizabeth (1) - Cunard White Star
Queen Mary (1) - Cunard White Star
Queen Mary (2) - Cunard

Other passenger ship websites

French Lines - History of Messageries Maritimes
L'Encyclopedie des Messageries Maritimes - Philippe Ramona's website dedicated to the line
Martin Cox's Maritime Matters
Monsters of the Sea - The Great Ocean Liners of Time
New Zealand National Maritime Museum
Ships & the Sea - Blogue dos Navios e do Mar - Luis Miguel Correia's very active passenger ship blog.
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